Donkey Routine

I’d guess that the donkeys have routines like the rest of us. I don’t get to see what they do all day and night, but I do know they walk the same paths and expect to eat at certain times of the day.

One routine I get to witness is what they do in the mornings when I come to the barnyard.

If they’re out grazing they come in from the pasture and look for me to give them a treat. After that, they head for the salt lick in the barn. Then, depending on the weather,  they either stay in the barn or head back to the gate where they rest standing close to each other.

But today they made a detour.

Both donkeys went to the apple tree and stood under it looking at me as I finished mucking out the barn and sending Fate to run around the sheep as she loves to do. (That’s part of our morning routine).

I knew what they wanted. And as I got closer to the apple tree, Fanny started to softly nicker.  So I pulled an apple from the tree for each of them.

When they were done with their apples, they went to the gate and stood head to tail, where they stayed for the rest of the morning.

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