Jon Makes A Table From The Apple Tree Stump

Jon sanding a log from the apple tree

Who is this man sanding a log from the apple tree, I wondered as I watched Jon this afternoon.

Ever since Mike cut up the branch that broke off the tree this summer Jon has talked about taking one of the logs into his study to use as a little table.

Today he decided it was dry enough.

I helped a bit, moving the log onto the porch with the hand truck, and getting the right sandpaper and polyurethane.  Jon did the rest.  I know this is the first time he’s ever used a palm sander. It was kind of weird seeing him out on the porch with a power tool.

But also impressive.

Tomorrow Jon will give the stump another coat of poly and when it dries we’ll move it into his study.

6 thoughts on “Jon Makes A Table From The Apple Tree Stump

  1. Ok, I love so many things about what I see here. I love the hat the suspenders and the teal socks. I love Jon working with his hands, intensely focused to create what his mind has envisioned, this piece of art, to reality. And most of all I so loveso much healthy Jon appears He has dedicated much energy and learning ,and wears it well PS I love too his purpose for aging. That’s what I see here❣️Thanks Maria for capturing this with your photos

    1. Ah nice Grandma Diana. I’ll be sure to let Jon know what you’ve written. It’s very true, what you say about his purpose for aging. He is always thinking about it and working on it.

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