The Barred Owl And The Blue Jay


Just as I stepped off the path into the woods, I saw the Barred Owl fly from one tree to another.  At first, I couldn’t see it clearly but I guessed it was an owl because it made no sound at all as it flew.

Then I heard and saw what I think was a bluejay chasing the owl. The Owl didn’t seem all that bothered by it and was keeping an eye on me and the dogs too.

That’s Zinnia panting on the video.

6 thoughts on “The Barred Owl And The Blue Jay

  1. Wow, what a wonderful affirmation that your instinct to go to The Orphaned Woods was correct, right place, right time for an owl sighting! I wonder if an owl will pop up in a future piece of work, or what that book you refer to, will tell you the significance of seeing an owl is.

    I believe that is a bombarding Blue Jay scolding the owl, one of my bird books describes their call as ‘thief, thief’ which seems to match the dramatic way they ‘shout’ at ‘intruders’ – as if someone took something from them, and they’re chasing them down, alerting everyone in the area!

  2. I was told once that blue jays are considered the sentinel in the wild. When we have hawks close by our farm the jays scream out to the other small birds. Poor Owl was minding his own business.

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