Fanny And Lulu. An Early Morning Date With The Farrier

Lulu and Fanny

Matt, our farrier is coming tomorrow morning to trim Fanny and Lulu’s hooves.  It’s one of their favorite things to do along with eating carrots and getting brushed.

I don’t know if their smiles in this photo are because they know Matt is coming or because we’re standing under the apple tree.

10 thoughts on “Fanny And Lulu. An Early Morning Date With The Farrier

  1. What a delightful portrait of these girls! Their inquisitive, soulful natures come right through the monitor. You really know how to capture the essence of the animals in your family!

  2. It looks like their eyes are smiling.
    Like how you can tell if a person is smiling even with a mask on.
    They are so expressive.
    I fell in love with donkeys when I was in Greece. They were work animals but very well cared for.
    Much like the Amish horses Jon describes. I would say Fanny and Lulu are even spoiled. Lucky donkeys

    1. I love that you can see that in their eyes LoisJean. I can just imagine the working donkeys you saw in Greece. I’d love to see that myself. And it’s very true that Lulu and Fanny are spoiled. I like to think its a small way to make up for all the donkeys who have been mistreated throughout our human history with them.

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