The Barred Owl Again

The Barn Owl Potholder

Yesterday we saw the owl again.  Fate and I were on our way back during our walk in the woods when I saw the big bird fly between the tree tops.

The owl landed in a tall tree at the edge of the path just ahead of us.  She looked at me then swiveled her head to follow Fate as she circled the tree the owl sat in.

I tried to take a picture, but it wasn’t happening.   The iPhone kept switching settings, so I gave up.  I decided to just watch the owl instead.

I thought about what I’d just read about owls in the book An Immense World by Ed Yong.  How their ears are located behind their eyes, and that big round surface around each eye acts as a kind of satellite dish to take in the sound.

The ear openings are in different places so the owl can hear not only side to side, but up and down too.  One opening is positioned at 2 o’clock the other at 8 o’clock.

So as the owl moved her head I thought, she’s listening to us as well as seeing us.

Owls hunt by sound not sight.  That’s why their wings are silent when they fly, so the sound of their movement doesn’t interfere with their hearing a mouse running across the forest floor.

We stayed that way for a while. At one point I said, “hello owl.” Otherwise, I tried to be as quiet as she was.

She left first, flying across the path and into the trees.  I watched till she disappeared from my sight.

I have no doubt that the owl knows us pretty well by now. That we’re not strangers and she’s keeping an eye on us when we come into her woods. Maybe even purposely letting us know she’s there.

I didn’t go for a walk today, but when I went into my studio this morning, I was thinking about a linen dishtowel that Carolyn gave me.  I knew it had an owl on it along with some other birds.  The owl on the linen was a Barn Owl, not a Barred Owl like the one in the woods.  But I used it anyway.

Then I cut out a couple of the other birds on the linen to finish off a few more Potholders in the series I began on Friday with the little crooked houses.

I wonder if the owl will come to find us the next time I walk in the woods. I’m still thinking of the encounters I had with the ravens this summer and have an idea brewing that came to me in a dream a few nights ago.

Something’s going on with me and the birds lately.  I know that there is probably and message from the owl for me, but I haven’t looked into it.

Maybe I’m just not ready for it yet.


6 thoughts on “The Barred Owl Again

  1. I looked again and saw that the owl in the potholder is a barn owl which is absolutely perfect. Barn owls are Sammy’s favorite. She has adopted one at our Raptor Center who’s name is Piper. Piper was hit by a car and brought to the Raptor center to recover. Her wing was severely injured so she cannot be released into the wild. Sam took care of her for 2 summers when she volunteered at the center. She would do presentations with Piper for the little kids that came to summer camp at the Nature Center. It would be so cool to give her a “Piper” potholder!

    1. It’s yours Josie. What a wonderful experience for Sam to have. That is very cool! I’ll email you and have it all done by end of the week. Thank you!

      1. Thank you so much! Your beautiful potholders fly off of your blog, I am so grateful to be able to give this piece of art to Sammy!

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