I’m Starting A New Quilt

The 3 fabric pieces I began with

I started working on a new quilt today.  I chose three pieces of fabric from a selection of scraps that Fran sent me.

I guess I’m still working through something with my Heron because the first fabric square I chose to work on has similar colors.


I pulled out some pieces of fabric that worked with each square.  Some from my stash and many from a bag of scraps that Nancy sent me.

My idea is to make each section the same size and sew them together.

I finished the dark greens, blues and teals then started working on the piece above.  I want to get more pinks into this one.

There are so many shades of pink in the flowers and marsh that I see when I look out my studio window.

It wasn’t until I was putting up these pictures that I saw how closely the colors are related to the photo I took this morning of The Path to the Crab Apple Tree.



4 thoughts on “I’m Starting A New Quilt

  1. I saw a heron this mornign as I walked round our pond, and thought of your recent project.

    I love the top square pictured with the birds, I believe its a William Morris pattern, I have an address book with pattern pages he designed dividing the different letters, which features the bird fabric.

    He was born in England in 1834, died in 1896, the intro page of my book says ‘Morris produced a prodigious number of designs for wallpaper, chintz, tapestry, carpet, tiles and stained glass, and these are chiefly characterised by their mastery of pattern and repeat, and their unorthodox use of clear, bright color’.

    He is also responsible for this famous quote – “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

    Great idea to match up ‘shade blocks’ then decide how you want to arrange them in the final quilt. Looking forward to seeing how the quilt progresses.

    1. It does look like Willaim Morris Hannah. I had replica wallpaper designed by William Morris in a house I once live in. I do love his aesthetic. And I was definitely inspired by that quote when I started making potholders. Thanks for writing about him here.

  2. I don.t know what it will look like, and I wish I had the money to pay for it when complete….
    Because I would put my name in first.

    I wad immediately draen to the 3 squares immediately.

    Ah the mysteries of life.

    1. Well that’s a lovely compliment DawnMarie thank you. It’s nice to know that someone else saw those three squares as the beginning of something.

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