A Day Of Mailing Heron Magnets

I did not get to my studio today and I did not take a walk in the woods, although it would have been a beautiful day for it.

But I Heron’s to get into the mail.

I was upstairs in the office/guestroom packing up a hundred Heron magnets.  I didn’t get them all done, and I won’t today because soon I’ll be off to my Bellydancing Class. But I will finish them tomorrow and get them in the mail.

I am surprised and very happy that so many people connected to my Heron enough to want a 2″x4″ magnet of it for themselves and to give to some of the people in their lives.

After selling out of the magnets in just 24 hours, I did buy some more.  I think there are probably people who wanted them and didn’t get them.  I also think they will make nice gifts for the upcoming holidays.

So I’ll have more Heron magnets to sell on Tuesday. And I thank you all for liking and wanting my Heron the way you do.

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