My Bedlam Farm Wool Is Ready

I got an email from Deb at the Vermont Fiber Mill letting me know my wool is done and ready for me to pick up.

Jon and I won’t be able to get it this weekend because his daughter Emma and his granddaughter Robin are coming for a visit.  They haven’t been here in a few years because of Covid.  I do wonder what Robin will make of the farm and the animals.  I’m curious to see if she’ll be interested in any of it.

If all works out that we’ll make the trip to Brandon Vermont the weekend after.

As always, I’m excited to see the wool and what it will look like.  Even the wool I don’t dye is always different. It’s the first time I’ve made a barber pole yarn with dyed wool too.

You can see how nicely the sheep wool is growing back in this photo.  I hope I made the right decision shearing them only once a year.  I guess I’ll know for sure in the spring when I can see how long their wool gets over the winter.

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