The Moth In The Waterbucket

I know how to do it now.  I gently dip one fingertip into the bucket of water right under the insect that is floating there.

This morning it was a tiny grayish-brown moth.  As I lifted my finger It hopped on like this was exactly what the moth expected would happen. There was no hesitation or confusion about this big finger suddenly in the water bucket and why.

Still wet, I held up a dry finger to the moth and she slowly walked from one to the other.  It was a chilly morning, a thick fog making the air damp. I’m sure the moth was taking in the warmth from my finger and letting its wings dry.

It was a few minutes before she started to move, that’s when I picked up a dead leaf, brown and gray like the moth with just a touch of spotted yellow, and held it  in front of her.

The moth stepped onto the leaf and disappeared in its folds. I left the leaf by the window in the barn.

There weren’t as many insects floating in the animal’s water bucket this year as there was last year. But they all behave the same when I pull them out. If it’s a sunny day, I leave them on top of the fence post by the gate to dry in the sun.

It’s not like I’m being noble, like don’t kill bugs.  I do.

This time of year it seems there’s at least one fly in the bedroom buzzing around my reading light at night. They land on my book and sometimes divebomb my head. Jon’s good with the flyswatter and I have no trouble killing a fly when it’s buzzing around me in the house.

But no matter what kind of insect is in the water bucket, I reach in to rescue it.

The best part is watching those soggy insects shake themselves off, warm up and fly away. It feels like a little miracle that is easy to be a part of.

I guess what I’m saying is I do it as much for me as for them.

4 thoughts on “The Moth In The Waterbucket

  1. I understand what you are saying about killing some bugs and helping others back into nature
    I always kill a cockroach scurrying across my floor if I am fast enough, but I always catch and release any crickets in the house. I say ” here you go Jimminy cricket, back to where you belong”
    I do feel a little conflicted about my killing vs rescue. The Buddhists believe all life is sacred. And I wish I could fully embrace that.But I just can’t seem to stop myself from killing roaches.
    I do love crickets of all sizes!

    1. We are human LoisJean, so not perfect. 🙂 But it’s the thinking about it and trying that makes a difference I think (although not to my fly or your roach). 🙂

  2. For those parts of us that never felt like someone was there to rescue us, it’s hard to see a creature suffer. At least, it’s how I feel at times when I can help out the animal world that needs a helping hand. But like you, well, flies, that at times is another story. But I do attempt at times to get them out the door if I can. I loved how you described helping the moth and how you offered it a leaf and to dry it in the sun. Stirred my emotions.

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