The Sun Again

Once again I was fooled by the weather.  It’s been so cold, I’ve been making fires in the wood stove all week.  I closed all the windows in the house, placing the plants that were summering outside on top of the sashes and in front of the windows thinking I wouldn’t be opening them again till the spring.

Now the clouds are clearing and the sun is warm again.  I pulled a two-inch spine from my cactus off of my sweater as I tried to open the window in the hallway.  I wish I hadn’t replaced the screens with the storm windows on the kneeling windows in the bedroom.

But it also makes me feel good to have the sun back.  There’s a breeze to cut the heat and my studio door is wide open, letting in the warmth along with the sound of t big trucks on Route 22.

Winter will be here soon enough.  And although climate change has affected our weather we are so far fortunate not to have the extremes that so many people are experiencing all over the world.

2 thoughts on “The Sun Again

  1. I agree Maria. Today is cloudy, cold, and drizzly which doesn’t happen very often here. We are grateful for the moisture and tomorrow the sun and winds are supposed to return along with warm fall temperatures. I’ve noticed how the weather patterns have changed here and I am grateful that we still have 4 seasons to enjoy even though the spring and fall seasons seem to be a little shorter than when we first came to CO 39 years ago. We will continue to be good stewards to the land we are blessed with and do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.

    1. Sometimes it feels so hopeless Josie, but for me doing those little things to help gives me the ability to keep from getting depressed about it all.

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