In My Woods, Some Trees For My Quilt

I was determined to get to my studio today.  I had some shipping to do this morning then spent time posting my Heron cards, posters, and magnets in my Etsy Shop and organizing the pre-orders.

I got done just as it was time to feed the animals.  I was in my studio at 4 pm.

The sun was strong and it was warm enough for me to leave my door open.  Fate was curled up in her bed, and Zinnia was sleeping by the door, while Bud patrolled the yard.

Every time an Amish horse and buggy went by, all three dogs jumped up and ran to the fence barking until they were past the house.

I did some work on the third strip of fabric then added some more to the first and bottom piece.  Then I laid out the tree fabric between them. I need to add more to the top strip of fabric.

Even though I haven’t been able to work on this quilt consistently, I feel like it’s coming together easily. Like it wants to happen.

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