Thirty Second Meditation, Barn, Apple Tree, Reflection

I was mesmerized by the reflection of the barn and apple tree in the animal’s water bucket.   When a drop of water fell from the hose, it shook the water distorting the images. But they always came back to being recognizable when the water settled down.  The leaf from the apple tree brings it into a new perspective.

4 thoughts on “Thirty Second Meditation, Barn, Apple Tree, Reflection

  1. Sound, movement and muted colors in the reflection create something truly beautiful and soothing.
    Thank you for capturing and sharing those moments

  2. Maria, the items you post , photos artwork,meditations, thoughts , I so enjoy what you find beauty in your daily life , same in my daily life pine cones , small baby lizards , smaller than a baby’s thumb. I point it out to people who say” I never see things such as that. “You and I wish they did> though one of my friends after seeing me pick up pine ones on a walk In town has started bringing me pinecones “ beauty surrounds us . So good to look wide

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