In My Woods, Out My Window, Back To The Beginning

I stood as far back as I could get in my studio and looked at the fabric I had just laid out next to my quilt.  “Much too fussy,” I said out loud.  Fate, sleeping in her bed,  didn’t even twitch.

After sewing the pieces of my quilt together I chose the solid color it needed to hold it all together.  But what to do next?  I had an idea.  Then another and another.  But none were what I was looking for.

By the end of the day, I was back where I started.

But still, I did all the work that needed to be done to get to that point. At least now I know what I don’t want to do.

12 thoughts on “In My Woods, Out My Window, Back To The Beginning

  1. I have thought a potholder quilt would be lovely. For me who wait too long on deciding even the beautiful potholders. It would be a collection all in one.

  2. Maria, have you seen the picture of you in Jon’s blog today “it is all you “the creative artist in her studio with a cup of tea. I hope you or he frame it and place it somewhere in your house

  3. All of your work is shaping into a beautiful piece of art that is sure to keep someone warm this fall and winter season. I love the flow of colors and the border enhances all of them! Thank you again for bringing me on another creative journey! Your creativity has inspired me, I started working with my scraps to make placemats for my daughter for a Christmas gift

  4. So funny that the composition doesn’t suit you. My first response was, “stunning.” But my tastes have been somewhat influenced by Pacific island cultures, so I see water, flowers, sky.

    1. Oh I like the way this looks Donna. It’s what I added on and took away that I wasn’t happy with. This piece is only about 3’x4′ not a full quilt yet. 🙂

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