Jon And Zinnia

Jon and I took out our iPhones at the same time.  We both wanted to take a picture of each other. I was standing in the doorway of my studio and Jon was getting ready to throw the ball for Zinnia.

We took our pictures, but Jon didn’t throw the ball too long.  He had just come back from this foot surgeon and had some work done on his toe.  When I saw the blood on his sock that had soaked through the bandage,  he decided to take my advice and rest his foot instead.

The doctor told him to stay off his feet as much as possible for two weeks. But that’s like asking a border collie not to chase sheep.

I suggested it was a good opportunity to spend time practicing his ukelele.

“You must be disappointed,” I said to Jon when he told me he had to wear the special boot for a couple of weeks again. But we both know it could be worse. Disappointed yes, but with a dose of perspective too.

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