In My Woods, Coming Together

There was no second-guessing as I worked on my quilt this morning. I used it all up yesterday. As soon as I got into my studio I knew what I wanted to do and did it. I’d been thinking about that green and blue piece of fabric all night.

It was my intention to take pictures as I sewed each new piece of fabric on the quilt.  But I’m glad to say I got so caught up in working on it, I forgot till I got to the point in the picture below.

Now I knew I needed a wide solid color to surround the whole quilt.

I didn’t get to sew it on and it didn’t turn out to be a solid color, but I did find the next piece.  It took me a while to find it in my stash because I was looking at every color except blue. I was certain it wasn’t going to be a blue.

But I was wrong and realized it as I laid the long piece of fabric next to the quilt.  Now I’m eager to sew it on and maybe add a small piece around the outer edge. Then I’ll be done with the designing part of it.

I have a list of three people who want to buy this quilt.  So I feel confident saying that it is sold.

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