Barnyard Cleanup

I have some cleaning up to do in the barnyard today.  The black plastic I put down to keep the pokeweed from growing did a good job.  There’s barely a trace of it.   But now the plastic is starting to break down.

Before it falls apart and scatters around the farm, I will gather it up and throw it away.

I’ll also be harvesting the shards of glass and broken plastic that pop up from the soil since the ground no longer is covered in vegetation.  It comes from the old fallen-down barn that once stood in the barnyard.

The barn was filled with all kinds of stuff that we had hauled away when we moved to the farm. But reminders of it, besides the lovely stone foundation, remain. Not the broken pieces of pottery that were the garbage of a hundred years ago, but today’s garbage.

Mostly bits of glass and plastic.

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