My Wool

I’m still working on sorting out my wool and roving and putting it up for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I expect to have it ready and in my shop tomorrow morning.

The skeins of yarn are all 3 ply worsted and 200 yards. They are $27 each + shipping.

They are all a mix of wool including Romney and Border Leicester and I write the names of the sheep the wool came from and the kinds of wool they are on each label.

I’m thinking of selling my roving in both 8 oz and 4 oz bags.  The four-ounce bags might appeal to some people who are interested in experimenting with felting or crocheting it but don’t want to buy a large amount.  The 8 oz bags will be $30 + $5 shipping and the 4 oz bags $15.

This week I hope to finish up my quilt and make some dryer balls too.  My Bedlam Farm Dryer Balls are 3 for $20 + $5 shipping.

I have been using the dryer balls I made from Asher’s wool for almost a year and I’m impressed at how well they have held up. They definitely help eliminate static electricity.  And I’ve read they help clothes dry quicker, but I can’t claim to have timed the drying time of my laundry.

10 thoughts on “My Wool

  1. Maria , I can’t do anything with yarn and needles, wish I could! Tried no luck. However , your yarn is so beautiful, the colors striking, those who do knit your yarn will have fantastic results. I’m sure every skein is already claimed, waiting to be put in the Post!

  2. ps , if I could knit, I’d make a shawl combining all the awesome colors into one shawl. Really they are beautiful

  3. I purchased 10 dryer balls for my daughter’s and myself last year. I gave them as Christmas gifts. They have held up very well. No unraveling. They are the best.

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