Last Night’s Frost

When Gloria bought a skein of my wool today she remarked that it looked like we had a frost last night.  She saw it on the grass in my Monday Morning Video.

And she was right. The dew on the fence was icy when I close the gate.  But the flowers survived the frost.  Dahlias aren’t as hardy as the Zinnias and marigolds, but they had their faces to the sun this morning.

6 thoughts on “Last Night’s Frost

  1. Lovely photo, Maria. I’m sad that my flowers will soon freeze. I cover all I can each evening as we are getting down into the 20s now at night. It’s hard for me to let go of the flowers that have delighted me for so long–not to mention fed the bees and butterflies, and the sunflowers also fed lots of goldfinches this summer, so I’m always sad when we reach this stage of the autumn. I have lots of asters which have survived until now, anyway, and which are covered in bees and butterflies daily when it’s warmer.
    My nephew just got married and they are honeymooning in Italy. His wife sent me a short video of the gardens she walked in in Tuscany yesterday. So amazing that technology lets us do such things now, and thoughtful of her, she knows I love flowers. I saw many dahlias and thought of you.

    1. I know what you mean about missing the flowers and all the wildlife they bring Melissa. Every morning I think it will be the last for them, but they keep at it. We have not have such low temperatures at night as you.
      And how thoughtful of your new niece to send you a video of the gardens in Tuscany. What a delight!

      1. So thoughtful of her, and I appreciated it. We had a night in the low 20s last night and even the zinnias I covered up did not survive it, to my sorrow. I do still have some marigolds that I did not try to cover which are still blooming. Another really cold night forecast tonight then it will ease up again. I’m never ready to say goodbye to my flowers. And all morning the leaves on my ash tree fell in showers, looked like green and yellow snowflakes, so the tree is nearly bare now, no doubt due to the freeze. But my younger maple tree has hardly begun to turn and its leaves are intact so far, at least.

      2. I can’t help but think how it is this change in temperature and your loss of the flowers that inspired such beautiful writing, Melissa. Your descriptions bring me visuals and feeling I won’t soon forget.

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