Sending Out My Wool


The bed in the guest room is the perfect surface for organizing my wool.  I still have some available you can buy it here.

As always happens when I put my wool up for sale, I spent the day in my office/guestroom, making labels and packing up wool orders.

I sold out the blue and Lavender wool quickly.  But I still have wool available.  I got twice as much of the Barber Pole wool as any of the other colors.  It’s the gray and light blue twisted together.   I also have lots of Rust wool and some purple, and gray wool too.

And I’ve been getting steady orders for dryer balls and sold some of Issachar’s roving in both 4 and 8 oz bags too.

Tomorrow I’ll do more shipping and if there’s time I’ll do some work on my quilt.  But that depends on how many orders I get overnight and into tomorrow.

Nancy, who bought some of my wool said she was surprised at how quickly I’m shipping it out.  But like my art, I don’t like my wool hanging around.  I like when it gets to go out into the world and live its life.

You can see all the wool and roving I have for sale in my Etsy Shop, just click here. 

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