Robin, The Contemplative Sheep

I’m beginning to believe that Robin really is a contemplative sheep.

He is often alone sitting under the apple tree or beside the barn, looking thoughtful.  This morning he stood on the high ground in the barnyard and seemed to be surveying the land around him.

This is probably too much to put on a sheep, especially one as young as Robin.  But the sheep do all have different personalities. And I continue to observe this quality in Robin.

6 thoughts on “Robin, The Contemplative Sheep

  1. Just love Robin. From the first I was drawn to him and thought he was special. Love all the sheep but he just touches my heart. ♥️

    1. Well you are not alone in this Joanne. I was beginning to think of him as a teenage boy when I saw him head butting some of the other older ewes. Not that it isn’t a part of him, but it’s not all of him.

  2. Isn’t he the one that arrived unexpected and survived against the odds after you had lost the other lamb? I think that makes him pretty special.

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