In My Woods


In My Woods

Mailing out my wool always takes longer than I expect.  I’m fortunate that it’s selling steadily and quickly. (thank you all!)  But I did get the time this afternoon between going to the post office and   Bellydancing class to sew the last pieces of fabric onto my quilt.

I decided to call it “In My Woods“, which refers to the actual place and a state of mind.

I picked out the fabric for the backing which I’ll be working on tomorrow.  Jon and I were supposed to go to Bishop Gibbons but we’ve postponed the trip until next week.

Now I’m looking forward to spending the day in my studio working on my quilt.

4 thoughts on “In My Woods

  1. Yes, indeed, Maria. Another stunning and very interesting piece of art. My God, I just love what you do. Blessings to you!!

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