Backing “In My Woods”

We were expecting the hay delivery in the morning, but by lunchtime it still hadn’t come.

So I got to iron and sew the backing for my quilt together without interruption. My quilt was laid out on my studio floor, the backing trimmed to size, the batting pinned to the two layers of fabric.

That’s when Fate started to bark and I saw David’s white truck back up to the barn.

Last time he came with the first load of hay, Jon and I both had covid and I couldn’t help him stack the hay.

But today I was ready.  This morning I put on pants, not leggings  (the hay goes right through the leggings leaving red welts on my legs) and wore a heavy sweatshirt to protect my arms.

The second cut hay was a beautiful sage color and very heavy. (we’ll feed that to the sheep and donkeys on the coldest days this winter)   But there were only ten bales and they didn’t need to be stacked high.

There were thirty second cut bales and they were much easier to lift.

The hay stacked in the barn. We got three bales of straw for The Mansion to use to decorate for the fall.

When the hay was stacked and the animals fed, I went back to my studio to sew my quilt together.

The front of my quilt “In My Woods” 

Now it’s hanging in my studio, ready to be tacked.

The back of In My Woods

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