Jon Plays The Ukulele


When Jon said he wanted to learn to play the Ukulele I was all for it.  I think it’s wonderful when someone wants to learn something new no matter how old they are. But for someone who is 75 to want to learn how to play an instrument, I think that’s something special.

It’s so easy to get set in our ways and let fear keep us from doing things.  Especially the things we’ve always dreamed of doing.

So here’s Jon, two lessons into learning how to play the Ukulele.

It’s true that Flo is deaf, but she was as supportive of him as I hope I am. I never would have let someone take a video of me when I first started Bellydancing.  So I think it’s pretty great that Jon wanted to share this video of him playing.

I’m inspired, I hope it inspires you too.

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