My Little Sweet Potatoes

My small and skinny sweet potatoes

I reached my fingers into the earth and gently moved the soil away from the area where the sweet potato grew. I was careful not to break the skin as I had read.  When it was finally uncovered and I pulled the potato out, I was a little disappointed at how small it was.

That sweet potato turned out to be the biggest one in my garden.

Small and thin, unlike any sweet potato I’d ever bought, I still dug up each potato and laid it gently in a shaded part of the garden till I had them all out.  I left them there for a few hours as I’d also read to do.

Now they’re in the house curing on the dining room table (a warm dry place) for two weeks.

My small, skinny sweet potatoes made me appreciate all the beautiful big vegetables I buy from the local farmers and in the grocery store.

At the farmers market today,  as paid Jamie from Happenchance Farm for a butternut and spaghetti squash,  I told him about my sweet potatoes and how they made me appreciate even more what he does.

But he was more interested in trying to help me figure out what went wrong.  We figured out that I  probably put the plants in the ground too late, seems sweet potatoes are pretty easy to grow.

I don’t know if I’ll try growing sweet potatoes again. I think it depends on how good mine taste. I don’t imagine they’ll be much better than the ones I get from Happenchance Farm.

I did really well with the cauliflower, peppers, and tomatoes.  And I’ll be making my second batch of salsa using my tomatillos and onions from the garden.  Maybe I’m better at growing vegetables that grow about the ground. I never had much luck with beets either.

2 thoughts on “My Little Sweet Potatoes

  1. “Happenchance Farm” — I should name my garden that. If it “happens” to grow, it will be by “chance.” This was not a good gardening year. Except for wild blue asters. Which grow like weeds, which many people think they are. I think they are wildflowers. And I love them. I’ll bet your sweet potatoes will be delicious.

    1. It is a good name for a farm Jill. I cam just picture the beautiful blue asters. I think you have a good attitude about what grows and doesn’t.

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