This Years Bedlam Farm Dryer Balls

The colored roving that Suzy sent me to use in my dryer balls arrived today. We did a trade,  I sent Suzy a bag of Issachar’s roving which she plans to spin some of her brown locks into.  Eventually she’ll use the yarn to make one of her Shawls. 

After coming back from a walk in the woods, I cleared off half the dining room table and started winding Asher’s roving to make my dryer balls.  I have enough roving to make about sixty of them and right now have orders for 48.

After I make a one-ounce ball of roving I use a dry felting needle to attach the colored mohair from Suzy’s angora goats.  Then the balls go into a sock that gets tied with yarn separating them from each other.

They get washed with soap and hot water.  This felts the roving together.  Then they go in the dryer for an hour or so.

I hope to get them all made tomorrow and in the mail on Thursday.  If I have any that aren’t spoken for when I get done,  I’ll sell them in my Etsy Shop. They’re three for $20 + $5 shipping.

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