Finishing Up The Bedlam Farm Dryer Balls

I sit at my work table, my sewing machine pushed off to the side.  Instead, there are baskets, roving,  socks, yarn and a scale in front of me.

Yesterday I was certain that I had messed up felting with the colored roving that Suzy gave me to decorate the dry balls.  But after the test run,  I made some adjustments (setting the washing machine on “deep wash” and being more aggressive with the felting needle), and today when I looked at all the dryer balls I made yesterday the roving was coming off only a handful of them.

For those, I pulled off the colored roving that didn’t stick and put them back in the washer.

On the dryer balls I made today,  I wore out my felting needle making sure they would stick.

And I mean that literally.  Some of the last dryer balls I made have no colored roving on them.  They are simply Asher’s natural brown wool.

I made 57 dryer balls in all.  Enough, if I counted correctly, to fill the orders.  I still have to go through the email from people who have preordered dryer balls for next fall.

Tomorrow I’ll start mailing out the fifty-seven dryer balls, I hope to get them all in the mail by Saturday morning.

The first batch of dryer balls.

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