Dryer Balls, Doctors, Ravens And Mushrooms

Fate came to visit me as I was getting my dryer balls ready to be mailed. I had to tell her “no walk today.”  She sniffed around, then lost interest and went back downstairs.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been selling and shipping my wool in various forms.

I now have a list of over 20 people who want dryer balls next fall.  Merricat and Constance’s wool is so long, it makes me wonder if I made the right decision in shearing them once a year instead of in the spring and fall.

This morning I went with Jon to his foot surgeon.  He’s been walking around in a special shoe for two weeks.  Or I should say hobbling around.  The shoe is hard to walk in and he’s supposed to be staying off his feet anyway.  It’s thrown the alignment of his back off.

But today his doctor had good news.

His toe is healing after all.  Changing the bandage twice a day seems to have helped.  Now he’s back to regular shoes and walk normally again.  Somehow the last two weeks on top of months of regular visits to the foot surgeon made me think that things wouldn’t ever change for the better.

Now, I’m feeling hopeful about it all.

Tomorrow I’ll send off the majority of the dryer balls.  The rest will be in the mail on Monday.

There are still odds and ends I’ll have to take care of, the paperwork that goes along with so much selling.  I’m grateful for it as much as I look forward to getting back to my studio and starting something new.

I’ve learned that this is the way it works.

I’m not good at storing away money for the lean times,  which will, no doubt,  come in February as it does for many businesses.   Now I’ll stock up on the supplies I’ll need for the next six months. Quilt batting, business cards, at least three kinds of shipping envelopes.

I’ll buy myself a nicer bottle of wine and we’ll go out to dinner instead of not.

And next week, when the paperwork is done,  I’ll take Fate and Zinnia and go on an extra long walk in the woods. And I’ll be thinking about ravens, and owls, and mushrooms.  And I’ll see where they take me.

Three to six dryer balls fit perfectly in a lunch-sized paper bag. Every order gets a thank you on one of my postcards. They all fit into a compostable mailing bag which is tough, lightweight and corn-based so it will quickly turn to soil in your compost pile.

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