The Crab Apple Tree

I never heard of Thomas Merton before I met Jon.  And honestly, I find much of his writing dense and hard to understand.  It has also taken me a long time to come to terms with using the word “God”. 

But when Jon got a Merton book called “When The Trees Say Nothing“, I picked it up and started reading.  It’s journal entries mostly about nature and I found myself being inspired.  I never thought I’d be quoting Thomas Merton, but when I took this picture of the crabapple tree in the barnyard, this Merton passage came to mind…

The sun is rising. All the green trees are full of birds, and their song comes up out of the wet bowers of the orchard. Crows swear pleasantly in the distance, and in the depths of my soul sits God.” Thomas Merton

6 thoughts on “The Crab Apple Tree

  1. Yes inspiring. Based on Jon’s many quotes of him, I got a grouped set of Merton books at the thrift store, They did not speak to me. And I naturally shy away from anything Catholic, after 12 years of school indoctrination. My reading in religion class was
    sneakily going thru Ian Fleming novels. Ordered this one and will stay with it, thanks Maria.

    More so than ever I am looking for the spiritual in nature.

    Beautiful photo.

    1. Jon seems to know how to find the right quotes when needed. He always seems to open a Merton book to just the right page for him. I think you’ll like this book Sharon. It really is about observing nature.

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