Starting Slow

My studio was a bit of a mess this morning and  it still is in some corners.  But I wasn’t working in those corners.  I was working on my table.  So I focused on cleaning that off and when I did I was left with a pile of small scraps of fabric.

It was as if my studio was offering up the materials for me to work with today.  So I took them.

After 13 years of making and selling my art, I finally figured out that if I’m away from my studio for two weeks when I get back I need to start slow. (If only I can remember this for next time).

And slow it was, in a  very good way.

I took my time and sewed things together then cut them apart.  I worked on more than one potholder at a time. And every once in a while, I reached beyond the scraps on my work table and brought in a color or pattern I needed from my shelves.

I’m not sure about the potholders I made today.  I feel like I’m still not seeing them clearly. Maybe that will happen tomorrow. It often does.

I do think I’m going to be making a few more potholders before I move on to the next thing.

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