More Of That Quilt

I had a good day working on my new quilt.

I’m not sure how to think and write about it yet.  It’s different from any quilt I’ve made before.   Those little slivers of circles, the same ones I used in my Heron fabric painting make this quilt unique.

I’ve only used an arched line in one other quilt and never in this way. It has a lot of triangles too.  Although I keep thinking of them as arrows.

The image below is what it looked like when I left my studio today.  I had to hang it on my wall because by the time I took this picture the natural light was already fading and the colors are more accurate when its on the wall.

I keep fighting the urge to square it off but I want to keep the odd angles going.

15 thoughts on “More Of That Quilt

  1. Very beautiful and interesting beginning……….. it’s got the spirit of Gee’s Bend for sure! Can’t wait to see how you both evolve!
    Susan M

  2. Maria, You just never cease to amaze me. This is, once again, stunning. Up there with my favorites. The shapes, the colors, the arrangement. I absolutely love it. It is uplifting to look at. And it’s fun.
    Bless you.

  3. And now that I gaze at it some more. It has interesting textures and little details I didn’t notice at first. Looking forward to watching this grow.
    Blessings again,

  4. Gosh, I really like this one!
    The little circle segments and the arrows, plus the angled placement, make it feel to me like it is spiraling!
    Plus, orange and yellow and red stand out so cheerfully agains the darker green and purple. Mmmm!

  5. Striking, as always, Maria! I immediately thought of Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole on her way to Wonderland!

  6. Maria… I really like this piece of art/quilt….energetic…
    wondering if you move the color orange from the top with another colder color….. then it all might spin.

    I am always interested in your sight and Jon’s .

    1. I’m finding it really does move Kathleen. Not sure what you mean about moving the orange from the top, but I did some more work on it today. Thanks for your thoughts.

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