The Light

All morning and all afternoon, the light jumps around on my sewing machine

it blinks off the leaves still on the lilac bush
it throws hard-edged shadows of the mullions
then whispers ghost-like across my working hands

for an instant, it turns the khaki fabric yellow.

The light is demanding
distracting me from my work
then lulling me into a daze

It’s November 4th
It should not be warm enough for me to leave my studio door open to let the warm air in.

the sky should be the most dreary gray,
the air
bone aching

The light seduces me
I drift in a dream toward it
and its warmth

and worry that winter may not come.

6 thoughts on “The Light

  1. What a beautiful piece of poetry! I can see how the light on the dancing leaves can be mesmerizing. I sometimes get lost in the leaves of the locust tree outside my sewing room when they are gently dancing in the breeze. Our November has been unusually warm too. I hope it cools gradually but I have a feeling deep inside that old man winter will come with his cold driving winds in the blink of an autumn eye.

  2. Loved your train of thoughts out into this vignette. We had lots of rain, dreary and now up to 60 mile an hour winds here in WI. Definitely November weather here! I always worry about my trees when it’s so windy. I tell them to hang in there and that I love them hoping that helps.

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