Grazing In The Back Pasture

Merricat and Asher grazing among the dead wildflowers in the back pasture

I know the sheep and donkeys aren’t spending a lot of time in the pole barn because there is little manure in it to clean up in the morning.

Last week I opened up the back pasture for them to graze in.  They’ve eaten down the grass in the north and south pastures.  If they start pulling up the roots of the grass it will not grow back in the spring.

But the back pasture is less grass than an assortment of wildflowers.  Most of them are dead or dying by now, but they still give the sheep and donkeys something to graze on.  Since I’m feeding them hay twice a day, they don’t need to graze for nourishment.

But grazing is what sheep do.

Opening up the back pasture will keep the animals from eating the marsh grasses in the barnyard.  It will also keep them from damaging the grass in the barnyard and turning it all to mud.

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