The Ten Second (or less) Video

In the past month, I posted two very short videos that got over a thousand shares.  Neither of them were videos I took.  One was a  video that Sue Silverstein took of the windchimes in her classroom.  The other was the video that Suzy Fatzinger took of her roving and her dogs Rosie and Tony.

That got me thinking of how very short videos have become a thing (mostly on TikTok) and wondering what my five or ten-second video might look like.

I’ve done it before, made short videos that I’ve posted on Instagram.  But what if  I intentionally made some very short videos?  What visual stories would I tell in under ten seconds and how would I make them interesting enough to want to post them on my blog?

I’m creatively excited by the idea and came up with my first attempt over the weekend. This was a longer video that I edited down to get both Fate running around the sheep and the Canada Geese flying overhead.

The story isn’t new, but perhaps  I’m telling it in a different way.  This process has me thinking differently,  which is probably what I like most about it.

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