Flying Vulva Stickers For Sale

My Flying Vulva Sticker  3″x2 3/4″ $4 including shipping for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I came up with the idea of my Flying Vulvas in 2018.  They were a response to Trump’s presidency.  First I made them into potholders, then stickers, pillows, pins, and magnets.

I decided to have more stickers made when some younger people, who don’t read my blog, found the magnets in my Etsy Shop.

My Flying Vulvas are a symbol of a woman’s freedom to make her own choices about her life and her body.  They are about our freedom to choose who we want to be.

My new Flying Vulva stickers have arrived at just the right time since tomorrow is Election Day.

You can buy my Flying Vulva stickers in my Etsy Shop.  They’re 3″x 2 3/4″ and are $4 including shipping.

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