My Off Center Quilt

I got into my studio early and got right to work on my quilt this morning. I added the last of the olive scrub fabric with a strip of fabric that came from Africa with cranes on it. Those blue squares worked perfectly with the blue arrow or triangle.

When I sewed on the purple piece on the left, it made me think the whole quilt was swimming in that purple pattern.

This is how I left it at the end of the day.  Now I just have to add some more to the top and/or bottom. The last thing I did was square up the right side.

Below is a detail.

6 thoughts on “My Off Center Quilt

  1. This quilt reminds me of MC Escher and his optical illusions. When I first looked, I felt like I was being drawn down into a hollow to the narrow house at the bottom. This is a fun piece of art Maria:)

    1. Thanks Josie. I love that idea of it pulling the viewer into it. And that house at the center is distorted, but not menacing I hope. Just “off”.

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