Socks, along with Suzy is one of my oldest sheep. A couple of days ago I saw she was limping.

The first years that I had sheep if I saw one of them limping we’d call the vet right away. But I’ve learned that they usually get better all by themselves.  Sometimes they crack a hoof or get something like a rock stuck in their hoof. Sometimes they twist an ankle when running.

Socks is already limping less.  In a few days, I’m sure to forget she was even limping at all.

If the limping did go on for a longer time, as happened with Liam last year, we’d call our vet or Ian our shearer to have a look at the hoof.  Last year Liam got better after a shot of penicillin.  It was a wet year and he had a mild infection which healed quickly after he was medicated.

Socks is going out to the pasture to graze with the other sheep and not laying down any more than she usually does.  These are more ways for me to tell that she’s getting better.

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