Sick Day


I’ve been sleeping most of the day.

I left Bellydancing early last night.  When I told Julz and Emily I wasn’t feeling well, they both at the same time told me to go home.  Not sure why I couldn’t make that judgment for myself.  I think I always try to push myself until I’m literally physically not able to do something.

So now I’m laying on the couch, doing little more than sleeping and reading.

Maybe I’ll do a drawing, I keep looking at the window in front of me, something about the shapes of the flowerpots and the way the curtain hangs.

10 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. I understand the pushing thing, at 70 I have had to learn the hard way

    May you continue to listen to your body and may you give it and yoursrlf some ease.
    Sending you comfort and healing energy

  2. Feel better soon, Maria, but at the same time: take it easy. These high temps can make is forget that we are in autumn and that season, colourful as it maybe, often asks us to wind down a bit and just be lazy!

    Healing hugs from Canada!

  3. Just want to say may you have a good rest-up and get well, Maria. Your in loving hands with Jon there and all of us thinking of you.

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