“Puppy Cut” Hens


Kitty and Anne up front and White Hen (looking regal) in the background.

It’s like the hens had a “puppy cut”.  That’s when you bring your old long-haired dog to the groomer and have most of her hair cut off and suddenly she looks like a puppy again.

White hen didn’t lose as much of her feathers as Kitty and Ann.  But they all look like they all went out shopping and bought brand-new coats for the winter.

White hen is her fluffy regal self, but Kitty and Anne look like they did when they were first growing their feathers. They have a little way to go before they’re back to their puffy imperious selves.

I noticed that their combs looked lighter too.  Not as red as they were this summer.  That’s part of the molting process.

When the hens are molting they stop laying eggs and don’t eat or poop as much.  The change in color of their combs is an indication of the change in their metabolism.  Their bodies are now busy shedding and growing back feathers and they slow down in many ways to accommodate that.

In all the years Jon and I have had chickens, I never noticed that their combs change color when they molt.  But then I’ve never paid such close attention to our hens as I have to Kitty and Anne.

I’ve learned a lot about hens from those two.  I look forward to when they start laying eggs again.  I miss those bright orange yokes and their delicious fresh flavor.

Makes me appreciate them even more.

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  1. Fresh eggs are the best! I love eating them in a spinach egg scramble and I especially love the beautiful texture they bring to my banana bread!

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