Flo’s Wood Shed

Though Flo is old and deaf and spends most of her time on the chair on the back porch, she still likes to nap in the attic of the woodshed.

It’s in the woodshed that I first made contact with Flo when she came to the farm.

We brought our barn cats Minnie and Mother from Old Bedlam Farm when we moved.   Mother disappeared after a week or so and we never found out what happened to her.

About a month later I started seeing a cat from my studio window.  At first I thought she was Mother, but soon got a better look at her and knew she was a stray.

I thought she would eventually go away, but on one of the first snowy days, I saw her sitting on top of the wood pile in the shed and brought her some food.

Well, anyone who has ever fed a stray cat that has been hanging around their home, knows the rest of the story.

When I saw Flo eyeing the woodpile, I knew she would find her way up it and into her bed in the attic above the woodshed.

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