Waiting For November

Finally, damp, cold air soaks through my leggings and numbs my skin.  A few hard icy raindrops hit my sweatshirt hood.   I feel like I can hear them as they land.   The sky is dark with 3 pm autumn clouds.

I think of the fire in the woodstove and know I will not take a walk. I will bring my rubber muck boots into the house so they will not be stiff with cold in the morning.

Two weeks in, November has arrived.

6 thoughts on “Waiting For November

  1. Stunning photo! What light.
    The tree silhouettes are so beautiful against the dark clouds.
    There’s 2 great photographers at your home

  2. Beautiful picture! The trees look stunning against the mountains and sky! November has arrived by me too. The heated water bowls are plugged in and we layed a thick layer of straw in the barn for our barn cats. Our nights have been in the low teens. The cold weather has arrived!

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