A Call For Christmas Fabric, Poly-fil Stuffing and Burlap For Sue’s Art Class

Some of the students at Bishop Gibbons working in the sewing room.

I don’t remember who sent the burlap, but I do know that I saved it thinking at some point it would come in handy.

Today I put it in a box with some Christmas fabric and a bag of patterns that someone left in our mailbox over the weekend.  I’m sending it all to Sue Silverstein’s Art Class

Jon and I won’t get to the school this week, but Sue asked for the burlap for an art project she’s working on with the students so I wanted to make sure she got it.

Along with more burlap, Sue also needs Christmas fabric and Poly-fil pillow stuffing.

The last time we were at the school she told me how Hser Nay, one of the students who transferred to Bishop Gibbons from Bishop Maginn, is teaching some of the other students how to sew small stuffed animals to donate to kids for Christmas.

Someone sent the pattern for the easy-to-make animals and the kids got excited about making them, but they quickly ran out of pillow stuffing.

So if any of you out there who love to sew, have some Christmas fabric or poly-fil stuffing or burlap that you know you’re not going to use, you can send it to Sue. Or anyone who would like to donate a new bag of Poly-fil stuffing that will also be greatly appreciated too.

You can send the burlap, Christmas fabric, and Poly-fil stuffing to Bishop Gibbons High School C/O Sue Silverstein   2600 Albany St, Schenectady NY 12304. 

Sue Silverstein holding one of the stuffed animals that the Students made.

I also put a set of invisible markers in the box for Hser Nay.  She’s been practicing free-motion sewing. Using the markers she’ll be able to draw on the fabric and stitch over her drawing then just rinse the fabric under water and the marker easily washes off.

Hser Nay in Sue’s Art room.

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