A Day Of Shipping and Bookkeeping


Flo followed the sun to the front porch today

I was fortunate enough to sell all my potholders over the weekend.  My plan was to get them in the mail then go to my studio and make some more.

But I had other things outside of the studio that needed to get done.  I ordered some of the supplies I’m running low on like shipping tubes for my posters, cotton batting for my quilts and potholders, business cards and shipping labels.

It feels good to know they’ll all be coming soon.

This morning as I was packing up my orders, I ran out of business cards which I tie onto each potholder and put in with every order.  Luckily I get those locally, from A&M Printers right in town.

The cards had been printed but still needed to be cut apart. So I asked if I could just get sheet of them and cut them up myself so I could finish my shipping.  It’s a family business and Brad’s father was good enough to cut up a batch of cards on the spot so I could take them with me.  I’ll pick up the rest tomorrow.

I only got back to the post office after lunch and by then I kept thinking of the bookkeeping that I needed to catch up on.  So I decided to get all the paperwork out of the way today and clear the day tomorrow for getting back to my studio.

I hope to make some potholders and finish my Off Center Quilt this week.

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