The Moth On My Studio Window

The sun came out today long enough to warm up this moth on my studio window.  I thought it much too cold for a moth to be out and alive.

After I took this photo the moth flew from my window. When I left my studio a few hours later I found it dead on the stone path that leads to the house.

I picked it up and put it on the altar in my studio.

Ever since I made the fabric painting Shield of Words, I have paid special attention to moths.  The moth in that piece came to me in a dream. Since then they have come to signify the idea of emerging into “light and liberation”.

Now when a moth comes to me under unusual circumstances, as this one did today, I am reminded of the importance of knowing my own truth, of being honest with myself. It is in that truth, no matter how painful it might be, that I will find my freedom.

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