First Snow

The first snow of the season is soft and wet and muddy.  It’s already raining and I imagine it won’t last long.

The donkeys were reluctant to come out of the pole barn until they saw the hay. They don’t mind the snow but they’d rather stay out of the rain and wind.  The sheep come out in all kinds of weather.

Jon was out with me this morning, in his boots and bathrobe taking pictures of the snow.  So I was able to get a picture of him for a change.

I just bought a winter jacket at Bev Consignment shop in town and it proved to be a good purchase. Not only it is lightweight and warm, but it kept me dry too. It’s a Columbia Thermal coil coat and it was $30 which I think is a good deal.

This morning I’m going to The Mansion and we’re making felted soap.  I did a practice soap last night using some of the colored roving  that Suzy sent me and some roving from Socks and Kim that I had left over from a few years ago.

I still have the roving because Bud got into it and pulled it all into pieces so I couldn’t sell it or make it into dryer balls.  But all those short pieces work find for felting soap.


Me mucking out the barn in my new winter coat. Jon took this photo.

2 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Great deal on your winter coat! We had our first snow here in WI also. Heavy and wet. Made for a beautiful winter wonderland that we woke up to.

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