Making Clothes and So much More In Sue Silverstein’s Art Room

Zelle cutting a pattern

I was wondering where the students in Sue’s classroom would be laying out the patterns to cut them.  But of course, they found a very flat and open surface on the floor.

Sue sent me this photo of Zelle cutting a pattern.  It looks to me like she knows what she’s doing.  I can’t wait to see the finished piece.  Thanks to all of you who sent patterns.  I think there will be a lot of homemade clothes created in Sue’s artroom.

Ari making a stuffed animal

Sue also let me know that she has enough stuffing for the students to make those stuffed animals for kids in need.  Thanks to all of you who have sent the bags of stuffing and all the sewing supplies.

burlap and repousse foil

This is one of the ways that Sue’s art class used the burlap that was donated.  So much art is happening in Sue’s Classroom and it couldn’t have happened without the help from all of you.

Naallyah, who is in the 7th grade made this Agamograph.

Depending on how you look at it, it’s either Minnie or….Mickey….


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