Tacking “Off Center”

I went with Jon to his appointment with his foot surgeon this morning. We didn’t get the news we were hoping for.  The problem with his foot, which has been an ongoing one, is not getting better. But at least there is another option for him, a brace to help straighten his flat foot and hopefully stop the callus which has caused him so much trouble.

We were both a bit down when we left the doctor’s office. But that is to be expected.  We let ourselves feel what we were feeling.  I do believe that’s the only way to get through pain and disappointment.

When I try to block those emotions or deny them, they only last longer and come out in strange ways, like anger or resentment.

When we got home we had a late lunch then I got to my studio and started tacking my quilt “Off Center”.  Perfect really for how I was feeling. A reminder to make the necessary adjustments to move ahead.

I did get to see a pink, blue and orange sunset out my window, then worked for another hour  or so, the dark filling my studio windows.

I’m more than halfway done with tacking “Off Center”.  I will finish it tomorrow, sign it and send it off to its new home in Tennessee.

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