“Off Center” All Done

Off Center

The last thing I do with my quilts before packing them up and putting them in the mail is lay them out on the guest bed, go over them with a lint brush and cut any loose threads. I fold the quilt as I go, inspecting both front and back.

 A few years ago Kathleen from my Bellydancing class came in with an unfinished sweater that someone had given her.  She was unraveling the parts of it and offered a sleeve to anyone who wanted it.  I love the indigo wool and have kept that sleeve in my studio waiting for the perfect quilt to use it on.

“Off Center” is that quilt.

When I was in art school I made a lot of art by unraveling crocheted blankets and doilies.  Sometimes I’d use the yarn to crochet over something else.  But I was also intrigued at how the fiber held the memory of being crocheted.  I found that back-and-forth squiggle such a curious and aesthetically pleasing line.

And as I now cut apart old quilts, and rearrange them, then I undoing what someone else had created and making it my art.

Usually, when I tack a quilt with yarn, it hangs or sticks out straight.  But not with the unraveled wool.  Each tie creates a unique little design.

me tacking “Off Center”


I loved working with the indigo wool on the back of the quilt.  The colors went so well together. I’m thinking of using something like them in my next quilt.

I title, initial, and date all of my quilts.

10 thoughts on ““Off Center” All Done

  1. This has turned out so well, from carrying on with the ’tilted’ lines in the original few pieces, even though you initially had an urge to correct them, and continuing it through the whole design. To using the wool for tacking, as you’re unravelling it directly from the sweater sleeve, giving that part of the quilt a different shape to usual too.

    I always enjoy it when you discover a new way of working on your projects, discuss your self doubt in the early stages, then decide to go with it, and get unusual, great results. So nice for the people who buy it to have the ‘makers mark’ too with your initials and date, but did you get the year mixed up? Looks like it says 2020, not 2022?

    Enjoy your quiet Thanksgiving week

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