Shipping, Cleaning and Making More Potholders

Jumping Rabbit Potholders

“Best holiday shopping for friends ever” That’s what Sue wrote to me after buying some of my potholders this weekend.

Thanks to Sue and everyone else who bought my potholders this weekend.  I am once again sold out. But not for long.  I have more potholders coming.

I spent the morning doing shipping, then cleaning up my studio.  Fabric seems to come in waves.  And over the past month so many people have sent me fabric, it was piled up in the corners of my studio.  I didn’t really even know what I had.

So after going to the post office I took a couple of hours to sort out the fabric in my studio.  And while I did, I came across some scraps that were perfect for this time of year. And others that just called to me.

Winter potholders

So I put them in a pile and started making more potholders. I’m not sure why, but the fabric I needed was easy to find today.  It was either right in front of me, or when I went looking for it,  it just about jumped off the shelf.

I think it helped that I didn’t quite finish cleaning up my studio. (I get bored after a while) But at least the piles scattered around the floor were more organized.

Cat and Mouse Potholder

I hope to get these done by the end of the week, along with the potholders I designed last week.

I had the beginning of these two goldfish potholders on my desk when I left my studio.  I got this far, then lost it.  I had no idea what to do next.  I guess I used up all my creativity for the day.

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