In The Potholder Zone

Oh, how these potholders flowed.  If it was an animated short, you would have seen the fabric dancing around on my floor and worktable, jumping in at just the right moment, finding its place in each potholder.

What a joy.

This is the beauty of someone else’s scraps.  I never would have made these potholders if I had chosen the fabric from a store.  I’d never have those little rabbit and owl heads peeking over the fabric like they do. That fox’s body would not be elegantly, yet unintentionally cropped.  And all those little pieces of fabric, from so many different people never would have come together in that way

I’m in the potholder zone so I’m going with it.  Last thing I want to do is piss off my muse.

4 thoughts on “In The Potholder Zone

  1. It’s interesting how using someone else’s off cuts frees up your creativity to explore what you wouldn’t regularly. I know you say these are potholders, but have you ever considered making a quilt this way?

  2. I get not passing off your muse. Years ago I had many kitchen failures in a row. Thinking that I had ticked off the kitchen faries, I did a dance of sorts first to the North, then South East and West. My troubles went away .

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