Rocks From The Woodchuck Hole

I pulled the dead tree off the fence.  Luckily it was small enough for me to move.  It had rotted just where it came out of the ground, the bark long gone.  I left it in front of the fence, just another barrier for the sheep to encounter if the fence ever fails before I know about it.

Fate caught up to me, wagging her tail and slipping between the stems of dead beebalm and thorny berry stalks. We were in the back pasture and I followed the sheep and donkey trail back towards the farm.

Until I got sidetracked by the woodchuck hole.

The pile of earth that came out of this excavation was mostly rocks.  I was impressed, it must have been a hard dig for that woodchuck.

I pulled together a few of the rocks that I thought especially interesting in color, shape and texture and took this picture.

We have some special rocks on Bedlam Farm.  A nuisance if you’re trying to farm, but fascinating to look at.

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